About us

GBS Offering Premium Service and Finest Products

GBS Aquaculture (GBS) is a division of GBS Group Co., Ltd, a professional, very experienced supplier for the Aquaculture industry. We fully understand your challenges and operations having worked at multiple levels in the industry for many years.

Our extensive cross border contacts, sources, and import methods allow us to bring exceptional products to you at less cost. We specialize in services for the seafood industry focusing on seafood farming, processing, and packaging.

This is a critical industry sector in our regions and the world, one we are proud to support with superior service and optimum materials.

Serving All Aspects of the Seafood Industry

Over the years most of our customers have been seafood farms, seafood processing, and seafood packaging companies. Those companies come to GBS to cut costs and get more efficient procurement.

Instead of the inefficiency of working with many different suppliers, our clients simplify their operation with GBS doing all the procurement. This makes your job easier with better outcomes. You get better products, a smoother procurement process, and important savings in procurement and handling costs. Working with one supplier lets you simplify this sometimes complex process for far greater savings. This allows your business to do more, sell more, all with lower costs and greater profits. That’s a win-win for your company. A positive outcome we are happy to deliver to all our customers.

What Makes GBS Different

The chemicals and materials we bring you are not new. They are the things you use every day to operate your business. So where is the value added in using our service?

That’s a question we work hard to address every day. By adding impressive advantages to the procurement process, such as operational offices in Latin America and in China, GBS Aquaculture makes your business run more smoothly with greater savings and less time spent on procurement. You can focus on what you do best, running your business while we handle all aspects of procurement and supplies.

Supplies to Exacting Standards

We have a highly experienced designated procurement staff who are specialists in the seafood industry. Rather than settling for a manufacturer who happens to be convenient, we look at a wide variety of manufacturers from all over the world to find best quality, delivery, reliability, and price advantages.

This allows us to offer you the lowest costs and best value for your money at all times. This is a major advantage for your business. Now you can have a more efficient operation while offering even better products.

You get an immediate boost to out preform competitors. Improved products at lower costs give you major advantages that reverberate throughout your business and the industry.

Now your customers are happier, impressed with the better quality and improved availability. You are able to capture greater market shares while easily out distancing competitors. This is a good time to envision how your business can grow, expand, conquering larger and more diverse markets.

This is a great fundamental way to make your business and even more important player in the seafood industry. Working with GBS could be the big break you’ve been looking for. A chance to elevate your business at the most fundamental level.

How do we ensure this excellent quality? We set high standards of quality assurance to all our suppliers and settle for nothing less than perfect. All our products are tested and approved by recognized international labs. All our manufacturers go through an exacting certification and audit process. This ensures their products are high quality conforming to the best standards in the industry.

In short, we aim to impress with finest quality products from outstanding manufacturers. We have worked for many years to dramatically improve the quality of materials available to the seafood industry. You get this benefit when you work with GBS.

Bottom line – The Major Advantages You Get Working With GBS

Very simply, we cut your costs for procurement. Your chemicals and raw materials cost less, giving you a big advantage over competitors with a greater opportunity to improve profits while cutting operation costs.

This is good news for just about every business. In a world where creating profit is central to every business’s mission, lower procurement costs should be a central focus.

GBS also minimizes handling costs giving you the major advantage of working with a single supplier rather than many. This can greatly reduce the amount of work you and your team must do. We handle all the research, creating relationships with suppliers, verifying quality, ordering shipments and much more. Now you have more time to do what you enjoy with this essential part of your business skillfully handled by GBS.

GBS is there to help you and work with suppliers. We maintain a professional presence in our territory as well as the supplier’s territory. There we can influence quality, consistency, and reliability while smoothing the process.

We give you the vital security of high quality products and reliable professional procurement services. This is the professional help you need to take your business to the next level.

Some of our Categories of products:

  • Organic Pesticides and Oxidizers
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
  • Tea Saponin Powder (60%, 70%)
  • For Seafood Processing
  • Sodium Metabisulfite (Na2S2O5 ,“SMBS”)
  • Tin cans and Tin Coils (Customized)
  • Nitrile Gloves and Aprons
  • For Seafood Packaging and Transportation
  • Customized Corrugated Polypropylene (PP) boxes
  • Thermoplastic Containers for secured Transportation Polyethylene bags (PE)
  • For Canneries and Seafood Packaging Factories