Corrugated PP Boxes

Corrugated  Polypropylene Sheets (“Corrugated PP”) are versatile, flexible, good heat isolators, impact resistant and waterproof, ideal for packaging and transportation of seafood, frozen or fresh, as well as for many other agricultural products . GBS Aquaculture supplies only Prime quality “virgin” material (Produced from 100% new Plastic material) and since it is recyclable it is considered more eco-friendly than other packaging materials which leave higher carbon footprint.

Polyethylene “Pouches” (PE Bags)

GBS Aquaculture established strong business partnerships with international leading manufacturers Corrugated PP boxes and PE bags in order to meet the highest standard requirements and offer wider range of packaging solutions with different prices packages. If your FOOD PACKAGING is supposed to protect foods, make them as visually attractive as possible, and offer an appealing showcase of your products so GSB Aquaculture has just the solution for you.

Our goal is to significantly reduce your procurement costs while providing higher quality products you need for operation on a steady base.

We stand behind our products and guarantee:

  • Personalized customer service
  • Fully customized Products – you are welcome to send us your design and specifications and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.
  • Punctuality on Shipment and flexible Delivery Options
  • Certified “Safe To Use” Products
  • Cost efficient Pricing
  • Steady Availability

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