Food Grade Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium metabisulfite is very common an inorganic compound used as a preservative in pharmaceuticals and foods and as anti-oxidation agent. In the Aquaculture Industry it is broadly used to protect shellfish and shrimps in particular against melanosis. Thanks to its extremely high purity and prime quality that GBS supplies, sodium metabisulfite by GBS conserves the food product while maintaining its flavor, quality and shelf life.

GBS Aquaculture understands that the quality, purity and diligent production process and hygiene are crucial for all food applications. Therefore, the production of Sodium Metabisulfite food additives supplied by GBS Aquaculture is strictly monitored. We make sure that our products always meet the highest quality standards – certified by International Labs.

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  • Personalized customer service
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  • Certified “Safe To Use” Products
  • Various Packaging Solutions
  • Cost efficient Pricing
  • Steady Availability

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