Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is chemical compound (molecules of water and Oxygen). It is a highly reactive, strong oxidizing and bleaching (whitening) agent, has numerous non-medical and medical uses thanks to these properties. It is commonly used as a disinfectant for cleaning wounds in people. In Aquaculture is been used as an immersion treatment against many different disease-causing organisms, including external parasites, bacteria, and fungi, on different species and life-stages of fish. When H2O2 is added to water, it breaks down into oxygen and water over time, and the formation of these by-products is one of the reasons that hydrogen peroxide is considered to be safer for the environment than other less efficient products.

In the process of Shrimp farming (and other Shellfish) the common uses of H2O2 are to keep the water and farms clean, maintain high quality water, increase the levels of oxygen in the water and by so helping shrimps/fish that are concentrated in small areas of water and require more oxygen to live and grow in these conditions.

H2O2 also helps reduce the excessed amount of plankton in the farms in order to preserve balanced Ecosystem.

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